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Hello! I just installed LAMP on VM, but when i tried to acces to webmin i got error "page not found". Then i found this page where is said "Windows Home versions can't join a domain", and im using exactly Windows 7 Home version. So i must change my Windows to work with LAMP or there are other options to do it?

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Unless there is something blocking it, it should just work OOTB.

Can you connect ok to the server from your web browser? It should load the default TurnKey 'control panel' (with a link to Webmin).

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Jeremy, after installing turnkey on VirtualBox Network settings are:

IP Address:


Default Gateway:

Name server:

But when im trying to connect to that IP addresses in my Windows browser i get "Page unavailable" error. What i am missing?

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I suggest that you set it to 'Bridged' mode (in VBox VM network settings).

My suspicion is that you have it in NAT mode...

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