Hi I have been long time user of turnkeylinux and I started using foreman at work since last one year. I have just created a small script to create debian based live iso for foreman which you can see here. I was thinking that adding foreman to turnkey linux library would be a good idea and I wish to work on that. But I have no idea from where to start. My scripting skills are moderate and knowledge in debian is also modetare. Can someone suggest me from where to start?

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TKLDev is the build infrastructure that TurnKey uses to build all the TurnKey appliances.

I suggest that you have a read through the docs for started, and probably set up a test environment (in a VM) as you go. Then build Core. Once yu have that side of things sorted, then have a look at some of the other apps source code on GitHub here. Essentially it looks like you've done most of the hard work with your script, although some of it won't be required...

If you get stuck, or just want some more pointers, let me know and I'll do my best to help.

Hi, Thanks for pointers


While installing I get an error as below

/usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: cannot find a device for / (is /dev mounted?).

Any ideas how I can solve this?

This comes when I try to install ipxe package.


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TBH it's not something that I have encountered and my suspicion is that it is something to do with a conflict between the way that TKLDev handles the chroot build environment and what grub is trying to do (to update it's list of installed OS). In other words essentially it seems likely that it's a TKLDev bug.

In the meantime, this may provide some ideas/insight on how you may be able to work around it...?

[update] FWIW I have lodged this here as a bug on the TurnKey Issue tracker.

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But they aren't actually causing any issues with the build (and the appliance works as it should) so just thought I'd post back and enquire about whether these errors are actually causing you problems or whether you just noticed them and were concerned?

I have also made note of my experience on the Issue Tracker and may close the issue there unless you can confirm that it is actually causing a problem (either stopping the ISO from building, or the output ISO being broken in some way.

AFAIK issue comes up when I try to install grub which is one of the dependencies of other package. Thus installation stops there. I can in theory continue and make ISO but I have not tried that.

Thanks and Regards Pujan Shah

On Thu, Oct 9, 2014 at 4:30 AM, TurnKey Linux <admin@turnkeylinux.org> wrote:

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For me some errors seem to occur but the build process continues. In my experience, generally it will proceed and often the ISO will install and work as it should.

However if the build process get's halted by an error (exit with a code other than zero - usually one) then (usually) something serious (that you shouldn't ignore) has gone wrong.

Like I said, I have seen errors similar to what you mention, but they didn't stop the build so perhaps they are not the same as the ones you're getting...

Out of curiosity, are you installing packages via the plan file? If not, perhaps try that. Listing packages to be installed in the plan (e.g. here is the plan for LAMP) is the ideal way to install packages.

However please note that it isn't possible if you are installing from repos other than default TurnKey or Debian. In that case it will need to add the non-default repo (either as an overlay or conf file) then install (using apt) in the conf file.

Also do you have your TKLDev build in a GitHub repo at all? If so could you please give a link and when I have time, I could have a quick look. Cheers.

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