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Hey all...

I'm setting up a file server for our new home server and while I've got everything else working great, I can't access the ajaxplorer service in the browser.  To help, here is my docker command (so you can see the port mappings, etc.).

docker run -i -t -d --privileged -v /dev/sdc:/dev/sdc --name fileserver -p 11080:80 -p 11022:22 -p 11320:12320 -p 11321:12321 -p 139:139 -p 445:445 turnkeylinux/fileserver-13.0

Some comments to help your thinking:

  • Host firewall ports are open and webmin, shell in a box and ssh all work great.  For example: accessing webmin by visiting https://<server>:11321 works fine but trying to view Ajaxplorer by visiting https://<server>:11080 doesn't work.
  • I've successfully configured samba to use the mounted device (a flash drive for testing that will be replaced with a drobo) and accessing the share on my Windows box works well.

I also have a TKL-Drupal7 container running on this server but so far it hasn't presented any issues.  Any ideas?  Am I missing something?

- Sven

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But at a glance looks fine to me... The only other thing I'd double check is a port conflict with another server...

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Thanks Jeremy!  I figured it out.

But it wasn't a port conflict with another server (I've carefully planned my ports so as to avoid that scenario), as much as it was a foolish mistake on my part.

If you look at my docker run command above you'll notice that I'm mapping port 80 to the host port 11080.

-p 11080:80

Well... when you finish the TKL initial setup it shows you a list of how to access all the available services (webmin, etc.).  What I didn't notice is that Ajaxplorer is running on port 443 rather than 80:


Foolish Niles!  So I changed the mapping and it all worked out!

-p 11443:443

- Sven



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