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I was just notified "As of December 15, 2014, Amazon Web Services (AWS) will discontinue the use of DevPay, the billing platform Zmanda uses to enable backups to AWS." and my Zmanda Cloud Backup would be going away.   Is this also going to effect my TKBAM account and backup?


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We are bound by an NDA (non disclosure agreement) with AWS so I'm not too sure what I can say and what I can't. But if DevPay where to be killed off, then that would definitely affect TKLBAM (and the Hub in general).

Regardless, TurnKey have been planning for a Hub update so that multiple billing methods (at least 2 initially) can be supported. We plan to roll that update out within the next month or 2.

Hub users (inc TKLBAM) would have the option to migrate their account billing at any time (once the updated Hub is released) and TurnKey services would continue seemlessly. :)

Please be assured that once we are in a position to talk about this, we will inform TurnKey Hub customers directly via email, plus the TurnKey community at large via a blog post.

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