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I should apologise in advance - I have a background of about 15 years in Windows, and only in the past few days have tentatively dipped my toe into the Linux world. Don't know any Unix either.

I've just installed the Turnkey appliance for Drupal 6 into a VMWare image. It all seems to work fine. Drupal is up and running, and is installed.

I couldn't figure out how to upload a large set of files - I know it can be done in webmin, but seems like you can only specify each individual file.   So I installed vsftpd into the appliance, and again it looked to be working, as I can connect from filezilla. But unfortunately it won't give my any directory listing.... just "/".  I tried Active/Passive modes but with no luck.  I checked the configuration settings of the vsftpd.conf file - seems OK.

Anyone any ideas where I've gone wrong?

Or is there a simpler way of file transfer? I believe SSH can assist with this, and this is apparently installed.  Filezilla apparently supports SFTP, but seems to need a key file. Where do I get that from?

Please help - all I want is the ability to transfer/upload files....

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I personally prefer using rsync over ssh, for example:
rsync -avP -e ssh /path/to/files/* root@appliance_ip:/path/to/store/files
I assume you are using windows, so you might want to checkout rsync for windows

I have never used filezilla, but I did a quick seach and found these howto's which might help 1, 2

I hope the above helps.
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Alon, I read through the UPenn HowTo, and it's done the trick!

I'm not quite sure I followed it to the letter, but I did manage to configure Filezilla to use SFTP, although I had to use the 'root' user.

So I can now connect to the appliance from filezilla and get full directory listings of the file system.

Which means installing vsftpd was pretty pointless....

So, thanks very much for sorting me out.

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