We've been running joomla for our website for about a year.  We've had pretty good luck with it as long as we keep up with the updates.  When it starts getting out of date, we start getting hacked.


it's been 4 months now, with no issues, until last week.


They were able to access the website, and put it in offline mode.  Not a big deal, we could just turn it back on, then work on upgrading right.


ONly problem is now the login for the actual turnkey linux no longer works.  Is there anything you can think of to help us get back into our site?  Something that could be done manually on the server (which is locally based)




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Have a look at this: www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-recover-password-under-ubuntu.html

If that's no good, try googling, there's a way you can do it from a LiveCD too I'm pretty sure.

If it's some other user account you mean (eg MySQL, Joomla, etc) then you may need to google and/or look on their relevant forums/support/etc.

It worked!!! thank you, thank you, thank you.


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