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So whats with the spamming of this site? Seems like there are many a day of fake/spamm posts. I used to see a link that says "Report this post" but I don't see that anymore. 

I check this 2-3 times a day and would be happy to mark posts as spam when I see them.

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Thanks for the offer, although I don't think it would make much difference as I would most likely be the one deleting it anyway. All the button did was send a notification. As I try to go through the forums, delete spam and answer questions (if I have time) at least once per day I don't think it would make much difference...

But you are right, we get hammered by spam. The anti-spam measures we have in place take care of the spambots but we still get a few human spammers getting through. Despite the fact that it looks like a lot get through, you should see the amount that get blocked!

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