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Hi there,

We need to do a Moodle implementation for about 2 million users.

I checked your site and found that you have "Turn key moodle", which can be then hosted on "turn key hub", and I have a few questions :

1- For a solution with the mentioned number of users, how much will it cost me ?

2- How will a database this large be hosted and managed ?

3- What privilige will I have in this case regarding the database and other backend system components ?




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It is not as easy as saying how big/powerful server you will need for that many users. Ultimately it depends on how many of them log in at the same time, how big (and complex) your courses are, how many teachers you also have online, etc, etc. I think that the harsh reality is that it will require some testing for you to work what size server you will need. Perhaps you need to consider some sort of load balancer? Perhaps you would be best with a dedicated DB server? TBH I'm not sure...

The TurnKey Moodle appliance is basically a minimal headless Debian Linux server install with Moodle (and it's dependencies pre-installed) so in this case it includes MySQL DB as the database backend. Again it may require some testing but I don't see why it wouldn't work, so long as you have sufficient resources available (i.e. a big enough, powerful enough server instance). Although, having said that 2 mill is a heck of a lot of students to have concurrently online - I don't think I would want to have them all running off one server, especially if something goes wrong... That's an awful lot of crabby people to have to pacify!

TurnKey servers run on the Hub are essentially unmanaged servers. So you have full privilege access to the whole OS (including the DB). Even if a single server is not going to be good enough for you, you may well find that TurnKey could still be a useful base for a load balanced farm of Moodle (web) servers with multiple replicating (MySQL) DB servers...

Although you didn't ask, FWIW TurnKey also includes our own built-in backup and migration software (called TKLBAM - TurnKey Backup And Migration) which provides automated backups as well as allowing you to migrate your data between instances.

To get an idea from people much more expert than me in the useage and configuration of Moodle, it might be worth speaking with those on the Moodle forums. This looks like it might be a good place to ask!?

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