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Thanks for this helpful site - TKL rocks!  Any plans to do a TKL Oxwall virtual appliance?  IMO, OW seems more visually appealing/modern, and to have more deployable options/plugins OOTB than Elgg.

I'm going to migrate my OW deployment to a VPS provider that offers TKL LAMP template, so I'm testing OW with TKL LAMP on a vm on VirtualBox first.  Ran into a couple of issues right away - had to install GD2 and enable rewrite module in order to proceed w/ the setup.

The issue I'm running into now is OW does not display the familiar UI and images, ie. it is text only.

I've tried to tweak .htaccess in relevant directories and also changed permissions on those directories (per suggestions on the OW forum), but neither resolved the issue.

One other thought - since Zimbra virtual appliance was EoL'ed, any thoughts of creating a TKL mail appliance?  I know you can cobble together something decent with postfix, dovecot, roundcube, spam assasin, and clamav (which is my next task after OW), but there is a fairly steep learning curve for a newbie.



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Regarding having an email app: I think that would be a great idea and we were pretty close to including one in a previous release. Based on Redmail. But around the same time we realized we were running a red queen's race and didn't have the resources to both expand the library and work on the fundamentals that would make it easier to open up development to the wider community so we chose opening up over expanding the library.

We're still focused mostly on improving the infrastructure so that the project can grow not just in the number of apps and functionality but also in engagement from the free software community. More developers = more high quality integrations. That's the theory anyway.

If anyone out there is interested in putting together a TurnKey mail app, that's something that we will enthusiastically support and help in any way we can, including improving the development tools if need be.

Regarding OxWall: I was confused by the weird CPAL licensing at first but it does seem to be an open source project, even though they don't really seem to be too keen on emphasizing that.

Currently OxWall isn't on the shortlist of new apps but since we're really tight on resources the way that best chance at extending that shortlist is that someone from the community (or even better - OxWall itself) decides they're interested in rolling up their sleeves and creating a new app.

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Are you offering to help out and build the appliance with TKLDev? :p

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