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I installed the Ror app, several times on a static ip, and can not get the sample app to come up in the browser, any clues?

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Check all network connectivity. Usually this sort of problem is caused by network problems.

I'm happy to help you troubleshoot but I'll need a little more info about your setup. eg is it a VM or on dedicated hardware? If VM, which software and on which base OS? If its installed to hardware how is it connected to the network (direct connection, router, switch, etc). Where are you trying to access from, local PC (if VM), LAN, WAN, etc?

If you have a DHCP server running, it may be better to try getting it running with that first, then set a static IP afterwards.

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Thanks Jed, I think I am getting there. I have it running . It is on a local machine and I can get to it via the internet. I am on to installing Spree, that has been fun. I can start that using Mongrel but trying to deploy it on Passenger. When I get it running I'll post some instructions incase somepne else wants to try it.

Thanks for replying, iit just seemed strange that the ror app did not install as easily as the Wordpress, but what am I saying the ruby gem dependacies do seem to cause issues.

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