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Yesterday I recieved this notification "Cancelled TurnKey backup storage on S3" yet I have not cancelled anything.

I have just logged in to find my backups are not available, and that backups are not enabled.

I really need access to those historical backups, have they been deleted?

Why was my account cancelled?

And why was this done without any form of confirmation?



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So firstly go to your Amazon account and double check your credit card details. The usual cause for this happening is your credit card expiring. If that all looks good then you'll need to lodge a support request with Amazon to try to get to the bottom of why they cancelled your account.

Next step; double check your emails including spam folder. When Amazon don't have a valid credit card to charge they will send an email saying as much. They then leave it a few days and try again. If it still doesn't work then they will send you another email. If on the third try (another few days later) it still doesn't work they will auto cancel the account and email to tell you that's what has happened. So you should have at least 3 emails from them relating to your account.

Once you have fixed up your credit card; cross your fingers and go back to your Hub page and hopefully all your backups will have magically returned! Bottom line is that although Amazon say that they have destroyed the data they don't straight away. I have no idea how long they keep the data for (they won't tell us either) but historically in most cases users get their backups back...

FWIW in the next HUB update we are plannign to introduce a feature that will let you know within the Hub itself if your card is getting close to expiry...

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