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I installed Turnkey-Jenkins-VM, running on Windows host in Virtualbox. Followed all the instructions: bridged network, etc. The development team is all remote, so we need to have Jenkins exposed over Internet. Our network admin set up rules on the firewall, such that $CORPORATE_WEB:8181 forwards to Jenkins' 192.168...:80, only for certain incoming IPs. I am one of the remotes.

Under this setup, I am able to log into Jenkins, update Jenkins, set up jobs that grab code from our SCM hosted on Bitbucket, build it, send out emails, everything looks great!

I would really like to have the jobs triggered by the bitbucket-plugin. I installed it on Jenkins, configured it for my job, set up Bitbucket to POST to $CORPORATE_WEB:8181/bitbucket-hook, and we allowed the Bitbucket IPs to go throgh the firewall. When I trigger a push to Bitbucket, the firewall sees the POST from the Bitbucket IP, but Jenkins sees nothing!

I tried going to $CORPORATE_WEB:8181/bitbucket-hook and get this issue, which in my case is a good thing? We also tried completely opening up the firewall and trigerring a push, still nothing on Jenkins.

What else can I try to figure out where is the problem?

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I don't know very much about Jenkins nor anything about integrating it with BitBucket (or anything else for that matter...)

It could be a multitude of different things causing this issue, so personally I'd try to reduce as many as possible... First thing I'd try is a local VM on your host (not behind a corporate firewall) and see if you can get that to work as you desire.

If so then it's something to do with your corporate network infrastructure (and thus probably something that Jenkins community might be able to help you out with).

If not then it's something to do with the appliance itself. It could be incompatibility between the plugin that you are using and Jenkins (e.g. incompatible versions?). Something that BitBucket have changed (i.e. the plugin is incompatible with current BitBucket API?) Or some other incompatibility between the way that the TKL appliance is configured and what you are trying to do (some Tomcat setting?) Again probably the most likely source of answer is going to be the Jenkins community...

Sorry that my answer is not much of an answer...! Bottom line is that if you haven't already I'd recommend posting on Jenkins forums/mailing list (I'm not sure how/where they do community support but google should get you going...).

Assuming that you find a solution (or even just track down the exact problem) please post back as it will no doubt help other users and may lead to improvement of the TurnKey appliance too!

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