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I would like to recomend that an option to TKLBAM be added.  Fundamentally, rather than just deleting an old backup set, perhaps there could be an interface for moving the backup set to "Glacier" storage which is much cheaper, but still on Amazon.  Glacier access is quite slow but good for a repository before it is completely thrown away.

This would need, of course,  a method to bring a backup back out of Glacier to be used again of course.

Perhaps this can be done on the back end of Amazon AWS but I don't think so.  

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I had never heard of Glacier before now. I just had a look and I think that it would be a great option for older backups. I think S3 is appropriate for current backups, but your suggestion of using it to store older backups (rather than deleting) sounds like a good one...

TBH I don't know enough about how the Hub backend works so I couldn't speculate on how easy this would be to implement, but I've lodged a feature request on the tracker.

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One way to do it would be, it seems to me, to Dump to a Local Drive, then move that Dump to Glacier.

Advantage to this is the storage cost is low and could have a self standing Backup that you organize forinstance, by month end/year end etc.

To reuse, the backup likely would need to be moved back to a local drive, then be restored.  I have not gone through the exercize of local backup containers with TKLBAM but I can see value to this.

Not a solution for every day usage but could also be a way to save Archives of "old servers" for instance.

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I have tested local backups and restores and they seem to work quite well; so this should work for sure! :)

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