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Can I change the Turnkey server monitor window to show me memory usage?

Right now it shows CPU, I/O, NET.


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I think it is a good suggestion though; so I have lodged a feature request on our issue tracker. Please double check that I haven't misrepresented your request! :)

I'm not sure; but I guess that the rational for showing what it does is possibly because there are additional Amazon charges for 'excessive' I/O and network throughput and CPU throttling occurs on some size servers if CPU usage exceeds a certain amount... Not sure though...

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Well, I asked because my server ran into this situation.  I added a couple more wordpress sites and suddenly it gobbled up all the memory and I didn't know until it started shutting down services and crashed the sites.  I had no idea I was that close.



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A RAM graph may have been opf some help; or perhaps not... It may have been useful in helping diagnose the issue but as RAM usage fluctuates so radically it may not have given you much indication at all (unless you were watching the Hub at teh busiest time for all your sites).

So I still think that your request is a good one, but the Hub is not intended as a full blown monitoring solution. If you are running production stuff that people rely on, then setting up some sort of proper monitoring solution is probably the way to go...

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