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I setup the Turnkey Mediawiki date 2/2009 in a VMWare session. However when I copied the vmware session files to a different system the confconsole no longer starts and networking does not work. When the VM boots, it comes just straight to the login in prompt.

This issues seems to be the same type of problem reported in this forum discussion:



Any thoughts?



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What VMware product did you create it in? How did you copy it to the other system? What VMware product is the other system using? Are the 2 systems similar as far as hardware goes? We need more information before we can accurately assist you with your problem.
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The VMWare image is running in the free VMWare player version 2.5.0 build-118166. Both systems are using the same VMWare player. The files were copied to the other system via network. We did it twice and it still failed. I copied the files to other locations on my system, and even renamed the files with manual editing of the config files and the system worked fine. It is very strange, I have copied VMWare image files from PC to PC without incident. I have even download other vmware files from the internet and they worked without issues. What is strange is the system works fine except confconsole and networking.
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I think what might be happening is the confconsole is raising some sort of exception. Try logging into the your system via ssh and then running the confconsole as root in the command line:
# confconsole
Does it work? If not, what error you are getting?
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Could you also post the output to the following commands:
# ifconfig -a
# route -n
# cat /etc/resolv.conf

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