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We are in the dark currencies runing night!!! LOL

I use two antminer,  I've found a distrib of cgminer who run asics in usb mode.

i use a wallet of cryptocurrencies.

Having somes questions:

i use a recent pool which you can put adress wallet in username and transactions are directly send to wallet.

Whitout fees for pool like in solo mode and for rewards blocks too!!!!

I want to know, my friendly geeks (i ever like linux but i use the two system, sorry)

but linux geeks are better than other.. i think...

So I want to know if it seems working good for you

In my cgminer i've all the times new share accepted and newblock detect.

I know that it must write in command line "new block detected before long pool" to win the reward. Is'nt it?

but it seems working! sometimes before long pool is written on my mining software.

For my debug.log  in my wallet i have this command line

When i write setgenerate true:

Bitcoin miner started

Bitcoin miner started

This command line appears two times and are the sames.

is my asics miner or cpu and gpu?

in fact i'm mining two times beetwen cgminer and bitcoin miner! isn't it?

Must I setup my wallet with rpc and socks5 like solo mode or waiting for transaction pool without setup it?

What really means this three command line:

Create new block()

Running bitcoin miner with 1  transaction in block

Update tip: new best:

A man told me that i'm creating block and added the reward by the bitcoin miner. The transaction reward is managed like any other else transactions.

In fact i'm mining and download blockchain since last bootstrap.dat date.


In folder blocks is there block that i've found?

In folder chainstate is there the state beetwen bootstrap.dat and new block (bootstrap downloaded at 12/2014)

the command line in debug log like realocate rev000143.dat

is my block realocate in blockchain downloading?

I reapeat i'm downloading blockchain and mining by two times.

Isn't it?

Do you think that's running good?


Thank's for answers!!



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TBH I've never had anything to do with bitcoin mining... And I don't think that we have any regular community members that will be any help either sorry...

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