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With Debian 8 at RC2 and a full release coming in the next month presumbly, what's the roadmap for turnkey regarding rebasing? Are we waiting for 14.0 or will it come with 13.1?

Or another idea/question. Turnkey isn't going to have a Snappy or CoreOS version is it?


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Ideally v13.1 would have been out 6mths+ ago and we'd have just released v13.2 and a v14.0 beta...

But unfortunately that's not the reality we live in... :(

So considering the work that is involved in a full library update/refresh and release and the fact that Jessie has just been slated for a stable release 25/04 (i.e. in just over 3 weeks) we are considering skipping straight to a Jessie based v14.0 (so no v13.1 at all). It's not really how we wanted to do it; but from here on in the plan is to start the releases rolling out a little more often...

I'd be interested in your thoughts and input.

As for a Snappy or CoreOS version of TurnKey; we are considering something different to what we have done to date (perhaps somewhat inspired by them) but we have absolutely nothing concrete. It's all pure speculation at this point... If it was something you were particularly interested in then I'm sure that there would be a way that you could bend the TKLDev appliance build code to build on top of one of those rather than our current minimalist Debian base.

If you wanted to have a crack at something like that I can't offer much in the way of time or support but I'd be happy to do what I can and provide feedback at least...

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I don't want to give a firm date because there are so many variables. I'd love to give some indication, but I'd hate to disappoint and at this point it's all pure speculation. Bottom line is that like Debian; we work to a "release when ready" schedule so we won't go live with it until it's done.

At this point we haven't even updated the infrastructure to build Jessie; but hopefully that happens really soon. Once we have the infrastructure updated we'll release a v14.0 Core RC soon after (which we would expect to be basically ready-to-release as it will essentially be Debian Jessie stable)

Having said all that I'd really hope that we can have a release by end of May; mid-June at the latest... But please don't take that as any sort of promise...

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I hoping a new version of TKLdev will accompany the release of v14.0 Core.  I've been trying to keep my development environment up-to-date, but sometimes I wonder if I'm missing something.

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But not sure...

I have suggested it to Alon but he's not sure if he'll get that far (he is going to build the v14.0 Core). If he doesn't then we'll be using the v13.0 TKLDev to build all the v14.0 appliances ourselves.

We can try to make sure all the pieces are public so everyone else can start hacking Jessie based appliances while we're updating the library. Probably the fundamental piece will be the bootstrap. So long as you have the Jessie bootstrap then you should be able to build all the appliances from a v13.0 TKLDev anyway. The exceptions will be any missing TKL packages (e.g. Fab as required for TKLDev). Although all the source is available so those could be installed from source anyway...

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