Having to do a full restore from an S3 storage backup, I am getting a 'failed, reason:timeout' message. I have tried 3 times , each takes around 45mins to achieve this result. Also I have tried --raw -download option and that has just failed. Any ideas?

Using debian wheezy wordpress app hosted on a Mac Pro around 12gb backup size. No network problems I can see.




Update: After many hours of retrying I eventually got the download option to work and successfully recovered my machine. Initially I was trying to  download to an external  Hard drive where I am running the VM from, this may or may not have been contributory to the timeout messages, but eventually the download worked when restoring to an internal HD...which then meant I had to export it back to the external drive...another step and more delay in recovery. 


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But glad you got it sorted. I wouldn't think that an external vs internal drive woiuld make much difference (unless it was a really slow external one). I would expect that internet/network would be your bottleneck...

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