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Hello there,

I am considering Turnkey Linux as an alternative to the excellent OpenMediaVault, but would like to know if there was a comparison made between the two systems. I don't intend to build a NAS, just a plain small server suitable for sharing printers and a few, occasional files on a low-intensity file server. For that reason and since it's a Mac-only setup here, I was naturally looking at the AFP server (Samba is less secure and overall slower), but couldn't find any package from the GUI. I was able to install it from the command line, but would like a GUI-enabled configuration. Would there be a way for such a configuration?

It would also need to drive an old scanner supported in SANE. Would that even be possible from the web page?

And finally, as I can never remember the adresses of the services running on my LAN, I'd like to have a portal page where all of them could be listed. What would be the preferred solution?

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But there is no ready to go TurnKey appliance that will do it OOTB... TurnKey would just be a marginally better starting point than vanilla Debian server but there would still be a ton of work to do and I'm not even 100% sure that you will be able to achieve everything you want.

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