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Hi i set up zurmo through amazon aws, i used 123 password to secure my login details, now i cant seem to login to my account, i also tried to copture the ip addreses for allt he data base and main admin and mysqml but security on your system wouldnt let me, now im confused about how to access the system.


First of all i wish to access the main admin pannel is this the correct url eu-west-1.compute.amazonaws.com:12320 im entering the password 123 password is saying is the correct 1 but i think it may be mising the 3 passwords i had to set up when i installed the software, anyone got any thoughts?

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If you used 123 as your root (Linux) password then your instance has probably been hacked by now... I recommend destroying it and trying again. This time please use decent passwords. Bare minimum of about 8 chars (more is better) and a combo of upper and lower case with at least one number.

Let us know if the new password works or not... If not I'll investigate further and see if I can reproduce.

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123 Password is a chrome password storing tool and i used it to give me a 10 digit password with up case and lower case and number combo, the problem i got is i used it to store the password to all the passwords for this software but for some reason i cant get the passwords i stored to work now.


The software i used collects the url of the page you are on and creates a password for you and then stores it, the problem iv now realised is when i was aske to set the passwords the url for eachn password stayed the same so i have over wrritten the passwords i think.

see then chrome app here https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/123-password/pahmlghhaoabdlhnk...

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Sorry I missed that... I thought that you meant that you had used '123' as your password as I hadn't heard of '123 password'!

And I think you may be correct. Assuming that you used the Hub then there would be a number of passwords on the one page. Probably the simplest solution would be to destroy the instance and start again. Password generator apps are a good thing but I'd make sure that you write them down (at least initially).

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