Im running TKL File Server on top of Proxmox (a fantastic product I discovered through reading this forum), and want to set up a network share accessible on my home network. I want to make it open access, i.e. no security, RW by every device on the network. When I go into one of the file shares in Webmin (/srv or one I create new), it is set to be Available & Browseable. Under Security & Access Control, it is ticked Yes for Writeable, Guest Access is Guest Only, Guest Unix User is a user I created in advance (NAS_User), Hosts to allow is set to All and Hosts to Deny is None.

This set up makes the share appear on the network and I can open files, but only in Read Only mode. If I try create a new folder/file on the share (using my Windows laptop) Im told I need permission to perform the action. I've done this before on my Raspberry Pi by directly editing the smb.conf file, but wanted to use Webmin this time around.


Think I have it sorted. When I go into the share Im sharing, under Security & Accesss Control I set Read/Write Users to the user I created (nas_user) and Read/Write group to 'users'. Then under File Permission Options, I set Force Unix User to be nas_user. I left New Unix file Mode and New Unix Directory Mode at their preset values of 0644 & 0755. Am now able to connect to the network share and create neww files/folders, and edit and delete them.

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Like you discovered there are essentially 2 levels of permissions. Samba and Linux. FWIW Windows has the same, but AFAIK by default the Share permissions (equivalent to Samba permissions) default to allow all...

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