I have just installed the Turnkey FileServer 13.0-1 in Proxmox. The installation seemed to go fine.

but when i go to Ajaxplorer i can login only with "admin" and "root". But i can't login with new accounts (local or samba). New accounts was created in Webmin.

Also i can't create new user in Ajaxplorer. There is an error "user already exists"

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My guess is that you have created new Linux users.

The fileserver essentially has 3 separate user databases; Linux users; Samba users; and Ajaxplorer users. You can sync Linux and Samba users; and you can use Samba users to log into Ajaxplorer. But you can't use Linux users to log straight into Ajaxplorer.

I suggest that you start again with a fresh server (the beauty of TurnKey on PVE is that is an easy thing to do!) And create one new Linux user in Webmin. Manually sync that Linux user as a Samba user, then try to login to Ajaxplorer with that Samba user. It should work (I hope)...

FWIW we are currently working on the new release so hopefully we'll have a newer version for you really soon! :)

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