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I am new to using Turnkey Linux with the LAMP stack virtual appliance and I am looking for documentation on how to do basic web work with the package.  I downloaded the appliance and brought it up on VMware Workstation and that seems to work fine.  

I am able to access Webmin (TL) from a browser on my host system, but cannot seem to access the TL at all from a different box.  I can ping the TL appliance but Firefox and Google chrome just keep waiting without displaying even a message such as "no content there" or can' t find the system, etc.

What do I need to do:  I need to test a website implementation for a potential client, I am trying to setup a local web environment where I can load the files to a local web server and then access the local website from a Window PC.

Is there documentation that would guide me through this process?



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Make sure you are using the IP from the TKL config screen (ie open the VMware window of your TKL LAMP server). Using the IP of the VMware network interface (as found in Windows Network Connections) will display the behaviour you are experiencing. Is that the problem?

If thats not it, double check VMware networking - it should be set to "host only" if you only want access from the local VMware hosting machine, or ideally set to "bridged" if you want LAN and internet access (you'll also probably need to port forward with your router if you want remote WAN access). "NAT" is also a VMware networking option. A quick google (or even a search here - using the box in the top right corner) should should help you find info on all that.

Also ensure that you do not have a firewall blocking access.

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