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Hope the title makes sense.  I have a backup of a server that has gone through penetration testing, having been restored several times during the process.  The vulnerabilities are being fixed as we speak.  What I would like is to create a backup of the server post-hardening so that I have a tklbam snapshot of the pre-hardening and post-hardening configurations.  Is that possible?

I'm hesitant to just give tklbam-backup a go on the hardened server for fear of overwriting the backup of the unhardened version, which I want to keep.

Thanks in anticipation.

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If they are the same server then a new backup record will be created, but it will be the same backup ID if you get what I mean? Same server; new backup... You should be able to reinitialise tklbam so that it does create a new backup ID (essentially a new server as far as tklbam is concerned) although I don't recall the steps OTTOMH.

If you have actually restored to a new server (i.e. the old server still exists and now you have a new one) then a backup will auto create a new backup ID. So new server; new backup...

Also note that whilst a snapshot makes sense in the context that you use it; in the Hub "snapshots" and "tklbam backups" are totally separate and different things. As you know "tklbam backups" are a small compact backup of the important parts of a TurnKey server. "Snapshots" are a complete filesystem image. They are a quick, easy way of doing things, however they are large in size and potentially volatile so not suitable as a standalone backup.

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Thanks Jeremy.

I restored to a new server - in fact have done so several times.  So I have four or five servers all labelled "Micro Wordpress" in my hub.  So if I use tklbam-backup on the latest one, it will create an entirely new full backup?

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But yes that's right. FWIW you can edit the server label so they are more identifiable! :)

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