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Not sure why the "essential oils" post got through.

Wierder still is I can seem to click on the "edit" button to change it.

Anyway, check the control box.

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Some of the posts it seems are def. spam.  Seems there was a way to tag such in the past.

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Yes there is definitely some spam that gets through. What makes it extra annoying is that some legitimate users still also get blocked by the spam filters! Grrr I hate spammers!

And the reason why you can "edit" is because you have "moderator" privileges. I'm not sure who did that and I don't recall doing it; but there you have it! :) So you can actually delete spam posts if you want. To do that, click edit, scroll down to the bottom and click "delete" and follow the prompts. Any questions please feel free to ask (email is the best way to get me (jeremy AT turnkeylinux.org).

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