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I have a clean install with debian 8.2 when I run the update command I get a error can not execute binary file.


clint@debian8:~$ su root apt-get updates
/usr/bin/apt-get: /usr/bin/apt-get: cannot execute binary file


I'm relatively new with linux and this is my first debian install.





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believe it is the following syntax


apt-get update 

apt-get upgrade



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Tony, Thanks for the reply that's what one would think. Turned out apt-get wasn't either installed or the rights weren't given to my user account. I had many other issues so I ended up installing a different variant. Clint
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Were you using TurnKey Linux? Or a Debian system from somewhere else? If it was TurnKey then by default it only includes a root account (from which apt-get should work fine OOTB).

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