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I'm a newb who has been trying to get the django appliance running on EC2.  I followed the instructions and was able to get it running but now I can't log in.   The main page's credentials are supposed to be;


  • django admin console: username admin, password turnkey
  • Webmin, SSH, MySQL: username root, no password


But none of those seem to work.  I first got in running last night and didn't get a change to log in or anything until this morning.  Could someone have hacked into it that quickly?

I'm hoping that I just need a correct set of intial passwords.

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Because EC2 instances are publically accessible on the internet, the root and mysql passwords are set randomly on first boot for security reasons. This is also true for postgres where relevant.

You can find the password in the ec2 console output, and in /root/README. This will be changed in the upcoming release to be more user friendly, details to follow...
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Thanks.  I guess the documentation is obsolete.  I should have looked into it further before posting.


I appreciate your help.

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