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I apologize upfront for looking stupid.

I am running a Windows 2012 SVR R2 network and I am trying to figure out how to configure the appliance to be seen and allow storage of my files.  any help would be greatly appreciated.

The W 12 R2 server can see the appliance, it allowed me to create a virtual drive and shares, however, I am being denied access to the shares.  How do I fix?  Can I fix?  I am lost on what to do on the appliance to ensure that it is properly set up.

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TurnKey tries to make these things easier but there is still often a learning curve; so don't beat yourself up.

Just to clarify; you are using the v14.0 Fileserver appliance? Although it probably doesn't make a ton of difference...

The thing to keep in mind is that the fileserver keeps it's own list of user accounts so you'll need to add user accounts for everyone using it; or use a generic/default one (the best way to do that will depend on your usage scenario). Also just like in Windows there are both share level permissions (handled by Samba in TurnKey) and filesystem level permissions (which are handled by the underlaying Linux system). If you use the default fileserver storage directory (/srv/storage) then filesystem permissions should (probably) be ok by default; but perhaps check that.

Also in my (quite limited) experience with Samba fileserver with Windows; sometimes it is best to relax permissions until you get it working; then tighten them up again. That way you can more easily diagnose what the issue may be...

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