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I have a client whose VM server crashed and their backups corrupted their Turnkey Linux Drupal 6 appliance (v11) so it is not bootable.  However, I can still access the files in the VMDK.

What Drupal directories, files, and databases do I need to copy from the old to new to salvage their website?  I've found /etc/drupal/6 and /usr/share/drupal6, but apparently those don't contain all the necessary files.

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But I don't recall where Drupal stores the site info. I think that there may be a symlink in /var/www pointing to the content location. I'd probably just use a combo of find and grep to get a list of likely suspects:
find /path/to/vm/root -type d | grep drupal

The DB should just be called "drupal".

Assuming that you want to migrate this data to a v14.0 appliance you will need to install Drupal6 manually yourself as we don't provide a Drupal6 appliance.

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