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Does TKL support the lighttpd simple_vhost module?   How do I install it?  Sorry, I am new to the Debian platform, so do I need to add repos, or does that violate the support for TKL?  Some distros are strict about this kind of thing, others not, so I don't want to make a move until I know one way or the other.


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Doh!   I figured it out seconds after I hit SEND (of course, LOL).   I searched the repos for lighttpd* and it automatically (didn't actually want that, but OK) installed everything it could find that matched the pattern.

More than I wanted, but I feel certain I haven't violated my warrantee.

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Is that what you are using? If so I'm not sure about "simple vhosts" but I'd be interested in hearing more...!

For future reference TurnKey is based on Debian (v14.x = Debian Jessie) so anything Debian is good! Google will find tons of relevant info, tutorials etc. Searching packages can be done from commandline with apt-cache search package-name (if it returns too many then filter with grep e.g. "apt-cache search package-name | grep keyword") or via your browser https://packages.debian.org/

Also unless you are using a Hub account (which includes limited support) then please feel free to break your server as much as you want! :p

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I'm glad to hear the the TurnKey appliance is serving you well! :)

As for helping out, there are plenty of other ways to help out (taht won't cost you cash). Like sharing ideas/suggestions and/or helping others here on the forums, posting feature requests and bugs on our issue tracker (or even fixing some of the current bugs) and/or documenting anything of relevance and interest in our docs (it's a wiki). Also if you are interested in helping with development then the dec page might be of interest?! :)

Also whilst Bacula is a cool tool, TurnKey provides it's own backup tool TKLBAM, which you might also find of interest? If you are only backing up one server then you can use a free Hub account (although you will also need an Amazon account and storage on AWS S3 currently costs $0.03/GB per month).

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