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Has anyone come across this before? It is Sugar 6.5.17 (Build 1220) upgraded from the version that comes bundled with the Turnkey Linux image. Configuration settings are mostly copied over from an old install (this SugarCRM was previously running on Windows). It works very well now (much better than before), but intermittently (about once a week or fortnight) I get this error after the daily backup. 

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I haven't heard anyone else report it but perhaps someone else may have?

When this occurs what do you do to resolve it? Also where is it running and what are the specs? I have an idea of what it might be...

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Hi Jeremy. 

I just reboot it, and it is fine for another week or so. It is a micro instance running on AWS EC2. Your version 13.1* SugarCRM, upgraded to the version indicated above. A client was having trouble with their installation, so I took their database across to it. Included their configuration with just updated database connection settings.  Also added files of a custom module they had. All works much better before except for this issue.

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You'd need to do some testing to be sure, but my wild guess is that it's running out of system resources.

One possibility is that it is being CPU throttled. Micro servers are pretty heavily throttled if they use too much CPU. Perhaps your SugarCRM appliance is already running close to the wire and when TKLBAM runs it pushes it over the edge? You can read about Micro throttling here.

The other possibility that jumps to mind is perhaps it's running out of RAM? The Linux kernel has a feature called an "Out Of Memory Killer" (OOMKiller). When lack of RAM threatens system stability the non-critical process using the most RAM will be killed. This can often be a cause of MySQL to stop.

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