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I'm using fileserver 13 and trying to get the AjaXplorer working using Samba authentication. I have a local account set up in AjaXplorer and I can log in with that, but when I try to use a username and password that work for Samba, it says username or password incorrect.

I've tried setting up a Repository using the Samba driver, but that didn't show up for the local user and authentication still didn't work for the Samba username.

I then set up a Repository using the local filesystem driver, and I can see it ok with the local user, but still no luck logging in even with Samba usernames.

Any suggestions of things I should double check or may have missed?



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So Samba users work? But not Samba auth via Ajaxplorer?

TBH I've never used it, but my understanding is that if you have your samba users configured and they are working (e.g. you can log in successfully as that user and access fileshares) then it should be as simple as using the same credentials but selecting Samba as the authentication method in Ajaxplorer (IRRC it's a drop down when you try to log in). Then you should have the same access to the same shares as you would via CIFS/SMB; except it's through Ajaxplorer...

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And that's exactly how I was hoping it would work.

Like I said, dunno what I'm doing wrong. The shared Samba folder works fine. Guess I'll keep working on it. If anyone has any tips, let me know.


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FWIW TurnKey v14.0 fileserver uses a different frontend called SambaDAV. IMO it's not quite as pretty as Ajaxplorer but it is more tightly integrated with Samba (it is actually just a web front end for WebDAV access). If using v14.0 is an option then that may be a better way to go? Then you have the latest OS plus the functionality you want.

FWIW if you have data already that you don't want to manually migrate, you can use TKLBAM to migrate from v13.0 to v14.0. However there are some tweaks you'll need to make. We have worked through the issues in another thread (here). Distiling the important bits from that thread to make it easier to follow is on my todo list; but I can give you a hand in the meantime if need be...

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