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Please advice what is the mimimum vps requirements for Drupal 8 Turnkey Linux? I have just deployd it on that allows custom .iso  with Memory: 768 MB,  does it will be enough memory for a new site or I need more ram ?


Thank you


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That's pretty low RAM but you could see how you go.

Also you will want to update Drupal. When we built the appliance it was running Drupal 8 beta so you'll want to update to the latest Drupal 8. It has Drush installed so that should be easy.

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Yes you are right, thats pretty low ram, but what about NGINX Turnkey linux with drupal 8, VPS minimum requirements?



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There are so many variables that I can not really give you any definitive answer. How much RAM you will need will depend on things like:
  • How many concurrent users
  • How complex your site is
  • How many (and which) Drupal modules you have installed
  • etc

    I suggest that you run your site and monitor it closely and see how it performs. Maybe it's enough RAM for your needs as is? What will most likely happen if you run out of RAM is that MySQL will crash (so your Drupal site will give a "can't connect to DB" type error.

    FWIW I usually test in VMs with 512MB RAM and never have issues. Everything runs sweet... However I am the only user!

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