ON the client system:

svn checkout svn://myIPaddress/svn/helloworld/trunk  works out of the box. 

emacs | vi trunk/README.txt

svn commit -m "trial"

fails with 

➜  trunk  svn commit -m "test"

svn: E170001: Commit failed (details follow):

svn: E170001: Authorization failed

Doubtless an experienced svnadmin would know what to configure (the posting about using the apache htpasswrd wasn't quite working out .. but I haven't delved into it).  The big benefit of these preconfigured appliances is not having to focus on the bootstrapping stuff ;>

Is there a bit of the FM that someone can point me at? 

As an RFE, have a big knob on the web panel to just disable access control ... for experimental use ... security isn't a priority. Is for production, so make it easy to re-enable :>


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I've only ever used it as a consumer (to get code from a repo) rather than as a VC system. By the time I finally got my head around VCs git was all the rage so I've never really used it...

Having said that, you are completely right. The idea is to make this stuff easy. So it's either a bug or it needs to be documented (and it's a bug that it's not already documented! :)

I just had a quick google and the error suggests that it has authenticated you fine, just that the user you used doesn't have authorisation to push to the repo (which suggests a bug to me). I don't have the appliance running and handy so I can't test but this stackoverflow answer sounds like it might be useful (even though TurnKey is Debian based I would imagine that stuff like this would be fairly consistent across Linux OS (although maybe some of the paths may not be quite the same).

Let me know how you go and perhaps we can create some docs on this from your investigations. From what I google suggests read a quick and dirty way might be to conf/svnserve.conf and set anon write access (although obviously only good for testing.


Thanks, very sage advice.
The quickest way to get it up is to change the svnserve.conf to anon=write.
Obviously not suitable for production, so someone with more experience with good svn practices should probably provide a better template for the TKL distribution.
I only wanted to do some quick tests, but I can well imagine people wanting to put it into producton where anon=write would be a terribly bad idea!

Keith Bierman


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I have lodged this as a "feature request" on the issue tracker.

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