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I run MineOS on two boxes at my house, this is a distro based on turnkey running minecraft servers. I've already asked for help there and nobody seems to know, so let me try here. I'll paste what I wrote there. Any ideas would be super appreciated!


I have two boxes running the turnkey linux and they've been great, but exactly yesterday, both stopped responding to my samba shares that had worked for a year+ without problem. I'm thinking something got updated and now I need to know how to fix.

I looked at my smb.conf file, which even though it looks right, I noticed the last change was also yesterday. So i think something in there changed, but for the life of me, I can't tell what!

Tried re-adding the root user (I do this as root so I can modify anything in the entire file system from my windows machine) using pdbedit and that didn't do anything. Restart the server, nothing. Tried adding allow user and force user, nothing is working.

Any ideas? Thanks!

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Thanks for the comment, that sounds exactly like what is happening. I can see the directory structure of / but as soon as I try to go into any of the subdirs, I get denied.

I could probably do what I need to do with just /var. I only ever really go into the game servers, the logs, and the www folder. But just for the sake of being thorough, can you tell a linux novice how to downgrade samba? Moreover, how to prevent it from updating again in the future? It seems to have done this all on it's own. It worked fine for a year+.


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If I remember right, it's actually 3.6.6. But I'm pulling that from memory. I have no idea what version would have been installed prior to that.

At any rate, I'll try /var instead of / and see how it goes tonight. That will at least get me back up and functional.


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Mattias, thanks for your help. It's not an ideal solution, but I changed my share to /var instead of / and it works again. I can probably do 99% of what I need to do this way. The 1%, I'll just putty in. Thanks for the help! This is closed!


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Sorry I'm a little late to the party, but considering that both of you are having the same issues (despite different OS and versions of Samba), my guess is a security update patched some security issue (further supported by the fact that TurnKey auto installs security updates). I'm guessing that the functionality of your config relied on something that has now been patched (or perhaps that was just a side effect). My guess is also backed by the fact that there was an "urgent" security related update on Dec 22 (see the Debian Wheezy Samba changelog here).

FWIW personally I generally avoid Samba as IMO there are many other (better) ways to connect to Linux server. I use only Linux these days so it's a bit of a moot point (and I'm obviously biased!) When I did run Windows if I only needed occasional filesystem access I just used Filzilla (SFTP) or if I wanted a directory mounted all the time (like Samba provides) then I used WinSSHFS. The bonus of both of those methods is that it uses default connectivity (SFTP/SSH - both which are provided OOTB on TurnKey) and requires no server side config or additional servcies running (and minimal work on the desktop side).


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Thanks for posting Mattias. Hopefully Debian will apply this fix sometime soon. Until then at least there is a workaround (albeit a bit ugly as you say).
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Debian released a new Samba security update last week and I noticed in the changelog that they stated that this regression should now be fixed...

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