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Hi Everyone, happily just joined the forum. I'm using lamp stack v2009.10, on a virtualbox on windows xp. I'm having a problem where 2 of my php scripts (phpbb and an rss parser) are telling me that 'fsockopen' isn't enabled.

I checked in the php.ini (ets/php5/apache2/)...

; Whether to allow the treatment of URLs (like http:// or ftp://) as files.
allow_url_fopen = on

; Whether to allow include/require to open URLs (like http:// or ftp://) as files.
allow_url_include = on

; Define the anonymous ftp password (your email address)

; Define the User-Agent string
; user_agent="PHP"

I also noticed that webmin is unable to update:

Failed to upgrade from : Failed to lookup IP address for

My first thought is that my problems may be network related in terms of 'outgoing' requests, but one of my websites has some java widgets that are able to connect with the outside world and gather thier information. 

My network settings are as follows:

Host PC (XP)
Virtualbox (LAMP)

Virtualbox configured as a bridged network adaptor. My Lamp is setup as static (eth0):
IP Adress:
Default Gateway: (router)
Name Server: Blank

Nat pinholes I have open in relation to the LAMP server:
12322, 22, 443, 80, 12321, 12320
also ip passthrough setup for

I noticed in webmin, under 'networking>network configuration..there were some 'lo' settings for really sure of what loopback does or if has any relation...

If there's any information I can supply, please let me know, and appreciate if anyone has some idea. Thanks

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From the info above ("Failed to lookup IP address for"), my first thought is to check your DNS server. Inside your appliance (either SHH in using PuTTY or another SSH client, WebShell or in the VirtualBox window for your appliance - you'll need to exit the config console first though) try pinging something such as google.


also it may be useful to post the response to

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Hi JedMeister,

Thanks for reply..I cannot ping anything outside of my local to google comesback 'unknown host' is an image of the ifconfig (sorry, I couldn't figure a way to cut and paste it)

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Not sure how I missed it before! The answer is in your initial post - you have left your nameserver blank! This means your appliance can't get any DNS resolution. A quick test to confirm this: (although I'm sure this is your problem)


This IP is a Google server so if that works but won't I'd put a substantial amount of money on your lack of nameserver being the problem. (and I'm not usually a gambling man!)

To solve it use the Config Console to add your router address as nameserver as well (most routers provide DNS passthrough to your ISP DNS). Alternatively use your ISP DNS address direct or any other public DNS (such as OpenDNS or Google DNS). This is assuming you don't have a DNS server onsite - obviously if you do try that first.

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Thanks JedMeister, all issues resolved. Funny, I think Windows got me into the habit of not entering the nameservers. Appreciate it, again thanks.

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Sorry if I wasn't clear enough above. Looks like you've got it all sorted though!

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