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New to TurnKey...loving it! I see that it's built off the last LTS release, 8.04...was wondering if there is plans to move to the new LTS that drops later this month? Any thoughts/comments?

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I have it straight from the Devs that TKL will definately be released on 10.04. There is also rumour that there will be a final 8.04 release very soon, then development will move to 10.04. No timeframe for release at this point though. I'm not clear how long the Devs will continue to support the 8.04 based appliances (if at all beyond the release of TKL on 10.04).

There has also been talk of a Debain based TKL release (to be supported alongside Ubuntu base TKL - not instead of). If they head that direction I would anticipate they'll drop support for 8.04 based releases. Surely it'd be too much work to support 3 different OS bases.

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If anyone comes across this thread, the beta is now available for download.
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Yay! Just downloaded it, looking forward to playing with it later tonight!

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