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Good mourning,

I have an issue with my webmin server.  My senior was matering linux but he is gone from the company and i am still new in linux and i would like to solve this issue.  I have an account created on the server that is "logistics.controller2" and there is a file on the server that is named "logistic".

Now i have an account "admin" with privileges and I have even created a "root" account as well with password but when i logged in as "logistics.controller2" to access the "logistic" file on the server it is asking me for credentials to access the file which is normal.

Now my senior was the one creating credentials to access files on the server and i do not have those credentials because he is gone.

So how could I solve this issue?  Could you send me a procedure to give this account "logistics.controller2" access to file "logistic" on the server?  We are using "webmin version 1.760" running on "CentOS linux 6.7"

I am not familiar yet with CLI commands reason why I am using the GUI interface of webmin.  But i do not mind having the commands if this is the only way to give access to this account.  I can give it a try as long as it is clear to type.

I am awaiting for your support, as this account has been created for our Logistic and he need to access this file to be able to work.



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We provide Debian based software appliances (i.e. virtual machines). CentOS (Red Hat under the hood) does some thing quite differently to Debian (and derivatives such as Ubuntu) so ideally you're rpoibably going to want to find a more relevant forum. Perhaps the CentOS forums? (assuming they have one).

And even though TurnKey has Webmin installed; I rarely use it.

Despite all if you actually have root access then you should be able to do anything you want. From the commandline it should be as simple as this:

chown logistics.controller2:logistics.controller2 /path/to/logistic

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