I want to configure the Self Service Password reset with openldap product provided by turnkey 

any body can help me in this 


also i want to integrate my openvpn access server solution to be authnticated through OpenLDAP users , it works with me on micorost AD but with your OpenLDAP product it didnt work , knwoing that my environment hosted on AWS 

your fast response is highly appreciated 



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But supporting self service password reset could be a really cool feature. I have no idea how you would go about it though sorry.

If you keep in mind that under the hood TurnKey Linux is Debian (v14.0 = Debian Jessie) and that OpenLDAP is installed from the Debian repos that should give you a basis to do some further research.

Please let us know how you go!

WRT your other question, OpenLDAP is not Active Directory! AFAIK if you are using the LDAP authentication component of AD then you should be able to replicate that with OpenLDAP. However if the authentication is done some other way that won't be compatible with OpenLDAP (or any other third party LDAP implementation). But like I said, I'm no LDAP/OpenLDAP expert so perhaps I've got something wrong...

Maybe if you shared a little more about your OpenVPN access setup someone might be able to help?

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