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i would like to know if i can create an appliance that can be versioned.


that is , the entire creation would either be a script or an xml file (or a set of files) that can be versioned in subversion or similar repo's. 


i used to use vmware studio if anyone here knows this..

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Our current appliance build code is all versioned in GitHub (via version tags). Each version of our appliance relates to the build code at the point of the tag. E.g. the build code for the LAMP appliance at v14.0 is here if that's what you mean?

We then use our buildtasks scripts to create all the other build formats. bt-vm is the specific script that we use to build the OVA (it also outputs the VMDK).

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Just use git. Assuming you are using our tools then they're all in git repos already (hosted on GitHub) so as long as you commit your changes then they will be version controlled! If you want to give them nice version numbers (rather than commit checksum IDs) then you can use tags for that...

If you want to keep it all in house but on an external server then you can use either our revision-control appliance or GitLab.

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Sure if you already have an internal svn server you could use that. Personally, in my limited experience I've found svn clunky and painful and git vastly superior; but I see no reason why you couldn't use whatever you want to use.

The build scripts are simply that; scripts... You can version control them in whatever way you want, using whatever system you want. Although if you use anything other than git I don't have any advice for you as I've never used anything else extensively. I suggest that you discuss your needs/desire for version control with your internal IT people.

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