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I see that LXC (proxmox compatible images) are missing for some time now.

What is going on, is it going to be available again or not?

Best Regards

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Have you got any idea how long the links have been missing? I only just recently updated the site for the new (v14.1) release and hadn't noticed that they were gone. I wonder if it was something that I inadvertently did or if it was something that Liraz did previously (by accident)?

Regardless they are definitely available. Just for now you'll need to get them straight from the mirror: http://mirror.turnkeylinux.org/turnkeylinux/images/proxmox/

Also if you're using Proxmox then you can actually download them direct from within the Proxmox UI.

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The links are missing for about a month I think....

Talking about the Proxmox UI (I'm using v4.1) I'm not aware of the actual UI method to do it... Everything I find in the docs is about the old versions and OpenVZ. When I go to my storage and click on the Templates button I get only a small number of lxc templates - but not TKL ones.

Thanks for the link anyway, I hope ypu'll sort this out.

Best Regards!

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Sorry, I got the TKL images in Proxmox after running:

pveam update
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I use Proxmox lots. I'm currently on v4.1 and it auto updates the appliance listings daily. The new v14.1 appliances should have been available there for at least a couple of weeks. I'm not sure why yours isn't also doing that?

Regardless, thanks for the heads up regarding the missing links. We'll definitely fix that!

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Hello Jeremy and anyone else who can help. I've been using Turnkey LXC at home for the last few months and so far so good. Like Dragan had mentioned it seems like some of the images are missing e.g. MediaServer. So I've downloaded some images stright form the mirror link provided above. However after searching several files I realized I have no idea where to place these imiges or how to call them now that I have them. Can you or anyone else lead me in the right direction? Thanks in advance :)

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And I've never actually used our LXC appliance for anything other than basic testing (I use Proxmox).

However, I just had a quick look over the code. I can't see any reason why you shouldn't be able to download any of the images from the library as it simply downloads them from the mirror.

Looking at the docs (specifically this) it seems that (assuming you have your inithooks.conf set up) the following should give you a mediaserver appliance with bridged networking:

lxc-create -n media1 -f /etc/lxc/bridged.conf -t turnkey -- mediaserver

If that doesn't work, what is the error message?

BTW to explicitly answer your question, according to the source code the script currently downloads the images to /var/cache/lxc/turnkey/

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Super-fast response and on the money! Thank you, I have read the source code several times through, and seemed to just skip over where the script downloads to… It wasn’t until yesterday that I noticed during initialization of another script, it tells you exactly what file the script is headed to, in all, thanks, for all of what you do. I’ve just started learning the intricacies of LXC for the last three months and I’m just fascinated. I was wondering if it’s possible to add something like LXC web Panel to Turnkey LXC? But that’s another topic at another time. In the meantime, I will try what you suggested on the media server appliance and keep you informed Agent “J”…

Question: Is the LXC Console the same as the System Control Panel or the Web based command line terminal? If not, how do I reach or get to this LXC Console? I know how to command line in the terminal however I cant get my LXC to look like what's in the LXC Console Picture. Thanks J....

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Adding LXC web panel has been discussed previously but at the time it didn't support Debian (only Ubuntu). It looks like the fork you pointed out has resolved that issue so there isn't probably anything stopping us from including it now. Just need to do it! Perhaps you'd be interested in having a stab at it?

Looking at the "LXC console" screenshot it looks to me like just a normal console (aka terminal) e.g. connect via SSH from a local terminal (from Linux or Mac OSX) or PuTTY (if you're on Windows. And then using tmux (sort of like a new improved screen) to split the console. You could use Webshell, but IMO using a SSH session (via local terminal or PuTTY) will give you a superior experience.

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Finally Friday! I can jump on what I like, Turnkey Linux! Your responses are always on the money and your advise is encouraging. I'm gonna take a stab at this console thing, like you suggest. I'll keep you all posted, thanks for being at the forefront of all things TurnkeyLinux and saving us from the alien invasion. Peace out Agent J....

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