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Hi All,

Sorry if this has been asked and answered before, but I looked and couldn't find the answer I need.

I've tried the Drupal 7 and then the Turnkey core OpenStack appliance. I'm able to import the image into my OpenStack controller and then use it to launch instances. The only problem is, I then see no way of accessing those instances

  • key pairs don't work (same key pairs work for other instances on the same OpenStack setup)
  • I don't see the root password anywhere, in any log displayed within OpenStack Horizon.
  • Preseeding as per doesn't work (adding /etc/inithooks.conf inside image and then spawning instance)

I'm really interested in trying out Turnkey Linux, but just can't get it working. Any help would be appreciated

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Apologies on my slow response.

None of us have or use OpenStack so it will be difficult for us to help you trouble shoot where your issues may be.

It certainly sounds like things are not as they should be. If the server has not been preseeded and is booting properly then the fence should automatically come up and you should not be seeing anything but initialisation instructions.

Also IIRC the log should contain the root password so I'm not sure why it's not.

FWIW we did test our v14.0 appliances in "DevStack". We didn't do extensive testing but we did test initial boot and preseeding inithooks and found that it was all working.

Perhaps there is some strange incompatibility between your set up and the one that we tested on? Or perhaps there was something quite unique to our testing environment that is not usual?

Or perhaps the image that you are testing is broken? Did you double check that it's not corrupted? Although I guess the fact that you have tested a couple of different images now suggests that is probably not the case.

Also you haven't stated what version you have been using. Have you tried v13.0, v14.0 and v14.1? The v14.1 images haven't been publicly announced yet but all 3 versions are currently available on our mirror. We have had reports from others that both v13.0 and v14.0 work (although could do with some optimisation/improvement). I suggest that you stick with Core for the time being. Core is the simplest image and if we can get Core working then the other should also work; unless there are appliance specific bugs.

Regardless, I am sure that we need to tweak our Openstack images so they are better. We have previously had feedback that this is the case, but we really need someone who is well versed with OpenStack to help us with that. Unfortunately we just don't have the resources or the expertise to currently do that inhouse.

If you are interested and/or able to help out with that we would be eternally grateful (as would other OpenStack users I'm sure).

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I just had a quick google and found this issue (which is quite recent. Perhaps that might be of assistance to you?

I also found another issue which you may be able to add some specifics too to help us out (even if you aren't in a position to really get your hands dirty). See here.

Also FWIW the OpenStack build code (which we use to turn an ISO into an OpenStack build) is here.

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Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for your response. Sorry I missed including the details in my OP.


Also, though my issue is similar to 594, it's even worse as even the SSH keys i'm adding at instance creation time do not work, so I have absolutely no access to the appliance instances.

I'm currently trying to import the image into another OpenStack setup I have access to. Will update here if I find any more luck there.


Thanks and regards,


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It certainly sounds like our current images are more-or-less useless to you in your OpenStack env...

I note that vondrt4 (the guy that opened #594) is volunteering to have a look at tidying up the OpenStack images for us. Perhaps you guys could collaborate on this?

So to consolidate the issues of relevance:

If you don't already have a GitHub account, perhaps you could get one and let him know your interest via the thread that seem most relevant; probably #254!?

Unfortunately our OpenStack build is not all that well documented. However all of our alternate builds start off as an ISO; which we then use buildtasks to convert to the relevant format. In the case of OpenStack the script is bt-openstack. If you are at all familiar with bash then it should be relatively straight forward...

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So we're ready to test the new improved OpenStack build. Have a look here if you want:

It isn't released yet so currently it's a case of "build you own" but for the purposes of testing I could build one and upload it somewhere.

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