I have a snag.

I have moved a Drupal installation from a shared host to amazon via the drupal7 appliance and http://hub.turnkeylinux.org. Absolutely smooth sailing, and the problems I was having on the shared host have absolutely disappeared. yay.

The decision has been passed down to stay with the amazon instance for several months.  again, yay.

Here's the snag: the Amazon instance has subdomain of "www", and then our organization's edu domain name.

In order to match our promotional print material, I have to find a way for http://chelseaschool.edu to redirect to the amazon instance (www.chelseaschool.edu).

I am not seeing a way to do this at http://hub.turnkeylinux.org. But I may be missing something obvious.

I also may not be thinking creatively enough.

I searched support for other people asking similar questions, but didn't see any.


If anyone has ideas, I'd love to hear them. Significant appreciation in advance.

oh, maybe a significant note: the domain is pointing (at educause) to amazon dns as directed by the hub.




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TBH I haven't played with custom domains with the Hub so it's a little bit a case of the blind leading the blind! :)

One option would be to use your current DNS nameserver provider and give your Drupal instance an Elastic IP (Amazon's answer to static IPs). Then use your current DNS provider to point `www.chelseaschool.edu` to your elastic IP.

You may need to use the AWS console to set up and attach your elastic IP. Currently AFAIK the elastic IP will need to be connected to the VPC which your instance is in (not directly to the instance).

Note that one elastic IP pre instance is free, but only while the machine is running.

If you want to use HubDNS then AFAIK you can do it, but I still suggest using an elastic IP (to reduce the down time if you stop/start the machine and the IP changes). AFAIK the Hub does support sub domains, but I think that you need to explicitly add it (i.e. add `www.chelseaschool.edu` as your custom domain).

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