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I am running owncloud as a VM on my Esxi Host.  I got it working just fine but I now started up an Exchange server and I wanna use port 80 and 443 for my exchange server.  To my understanding I have to do something wtih my DNS but im not 100% sure on what specficilly to do.  So here is what I am working with currently...


Using ports 80 and 443

Accessaible via my Dynamic dns service. 

Access url:

Internal ip of owncloud:




Essentially i wanna access owncloud on a different port (say port 8082) and to access my exchange mail I wanna use 443/80

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If you have a firewall or a NAT router then the easiest way is to leave your server as is and route the traffic from another port(s) to the desired port(s).

E.g. in a NAT router configure port forwarding to forward (external) port 8443 to port 443. There are so much different software/firmware about that you will need to consult the documentation of your device to find explicitly how to configure it. It can be called different things such as "port forwarding", "NAT forwarding", "virtual servers", etc...

Then externally you would get to the HTTPS interface of your ownCloud appliance with

If you wish to use your ownCloud appliance on the local network it will still work as

IIRC you will need to add this info within the ownCloud interface for this to work too...

It is also possible to change the port that your appliance uses if you'd rather. You'll need to change the listening port in /etc/apache2/ports.conf and the ownCloud site /etc/apache2/sites-available/owncloud.conf

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According to your post, it certainly seems like it's working... Have you tried clearing your cookies and cache etc? Also what does it do when you try to connect using the port? You'll need to use https://owncloud.mydomain.tld:50000/

Depending on the response you get in your web browser should lead you towards what the actual issue is. E.g. if it redirects to port 443 (i.e. in the address bar it changes to https://owncloud.mydomain.tld/) then there is something else redirecting your traffic somewhere (perhaps Apache, perhaps ownCloud). If it getting a "connection refused) then there is some other config issue going on (probably Apache) but perhaps ownCloud). If it's just not finding the server at all (ERR_ADDRESS_UNREACHABLE) then it's probably most likely a DNS issue.

PS this is the forums of TurnKey Linux. We are not Ubuntu based (we're Debian based). They are quite similar but not identical. The Ubuntu forums might be a better bet?

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