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afaik, there is no documentation on configuring Turnkey Joomla for multiple sites on a bare metal install. Has anyone done this? Is there documentation I'm missing.

I'm thinking about installing a separate Joomla 1.5 package in a subdirectory of /usr/share/joomla15. However, I'm fearful of destroying an existing dev site (the default install site) a colleague is using by adding a second site to MySQL.

More specifically, I am fearful a fresh install of Joomla 1.5 will overwrite the first default MySQL database with a new default database (var $db = 'jos_db';).


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Just a case of adding a new TKL Joomla VM!

As for multiple sites in a single install (either bare metal or VM) I have no idea. But Tom, I'd be inclined to test in a virtual environment before trying on your bare metal install. That way if you destroy it, you can just wipe and try again. Also it makes it much easier to document the steps you take. I'm sure others would love to hear your progress.

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