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Does the kernel supports raid?

I have the message:

El archivo de estado de RAID del kernel /proc/mdstat no existe en su sistema. Su kernel probablemente no soporta RAID.


(in spanish)

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The ISO install images use the default (Desktop) Ubuntu kernel 2.6.24 which AFAIK supports RAID (although I haven't tested it).

I just had a quick read online and found this (here) which may be relevant:

Ubuntu 8.04 LTS fails to run on some DELL PowerEdge servers with RAID controllers, such as the 3/Di controller in the DELL PowerEdge 1650, due to a bug in the RAID firmware. To install or upgrade to Ubuntu 8.04 LTS on a system with the affected RAID controller, you will first need to upgrade your RAID firmware

A quick scan over goole results suggests that some othr hardware may also be having some problems.

Someone else here may be able to shed more light on the situation but in the meantime, I'd be inclined to search over on the Ubuntu forums as TKL is basically Ubuntu server under the hood (with some tweaks and customisations - such as using the Desktop kernel).

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Especially with VM based install options. Desktop kernel runs better in a wider array of VM environments apparently.

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If the issues we came across with virtualization have been solved in Lucid we may default to the server kernel instead.

Note that only the ISO build includes the desktop kernel. The VM builds include the linux-virtual kernel. I'm not sure whether or not that one has support for software raid though.

Also, the kernel we include is only the default. You can swap it out for another one if you like via the package manager, just like with any other Ubuntu system.

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