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Greeting TKL folks, 

been while since I last posted here or on GitHub due to very crazy work schedule this year!
I hope come November things go back to "normal" and I have more time to work on TKL stuff!

Anyway, we currently use a 3rd party company to scan and store our home documents. It has
worked out ok the last few years, however they are going to an all on-line service and 
dropping the desktop version of the software in favor of online application.

I was looking through the apps list and did not see any eDMS/DMS systems in the library.
Are there any good still open source ones out there? If I find one that looks good and will
do what I need it to do, I was going to build it on top of TKL LAMP/LAPP, it could end up
as a TKLDev build code on GitHub if you catch my drift :-) (I would submit it for inclusion 
to the library)

I did a quick search, I found the following ones looked promising, some have "free" versions:




Mayan EDMS


So, any suggestions or thoughts on the ones I found? 

My wish list is below. 

- basic DMS
   (add/edit/delete file, and the meta data)
- Customized Workflows
- Customized document types to workflows 
- Customized metadata fields 
- Searching over metadata/OCR index of files

Would be nice to have
- OCR would be great
- Barcoded automation (read a face sheet and add meta data or file to a folder) 
- Drag n drop files to folders 
- Would be great if it could be automated/extended using API or custom made modules



I promise I'll check in! 

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Glad to hear from you mate. I must admit I have been wondering how you are getting on and have been meaning to drop you a line off list to check in.

TBH the only DMS that I have had any real experience with was KnowledgeTree. IMO it was a great DMS but they had a crappy open source licence (as in it wasn't very open - the catch was that you weren't allowed to fork the code without using their name & branding but they didn't licence any third parties to use their branding). Once they stopped production of their Community Edition (and only provided it via the Cloud), that was the end of that IMO...

I did have a look at Alfresco and it's a nice system but it was overkill for my needs at the time. It's a bit of a behemoth and being a Java app, it's resource intensive and I found it a little sluggish. But in your use case it may be a good fit? Also if you give it plenty of resources it would probably run heaps smoother (I don't recall what I gave it but I was only testing so it was probably bare minimum). There have had a number of requests for an Alfresco appliance in the past.

LogicDoc and OpenKM both sound familiar but are probably much better than when I last looked at them. IIRC both were a little clunky, but as I say, they're probably better now.

From a glance Mayan EDMS looks pretty awesome (although I must admit that it may have been their website, rather than their product that sold me...)

Look forward to hearing how your search goes and which (if any) you end up adopting.

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I'll be taking a look at these in the next few weeks, I'll post back on what I found and what I ended up going with.




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I look forward to hear how you go with it all. Take care mate and chat soon! :)
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I will still be going down this path at some point, work should be slowing soon after 18 months of crazy time! We currently use Neat, however they are forcing everything in the cloud. I don't like it! Would like to see if anyone else is looking for a eDMS/DMS.



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Well for a number of reasons (maybe I'll post a detailed post later) mostly on easy of install, open-ness of it's code, and it's build on django (somthing I want to learn anyway)  I have decided on .....




Mayan EDMS

Docs -


I was able to get a test server up in about 5 min using TKL-Core (This is just testing only not for Production)

I will be over the next weeks to come creating a TKL-Dev script to create and installer for my self. If the core-devs feel like it's worth while to include once polished, then would be cool to have a Mayan EDMS turnkey soultion!




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I haven't had a deep look into it, but from a glance it looks awesome. Happy to add it to the library! :)

I'm happy to give feedback and input etc once you make a start so please feel free to ping me.

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