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tklbam is great, very reliable, easy to use, good visibility. Well done team.

We have a backup on one server that is reasonably large.

The dailys are ok, but the monthly full takes longer than the overnight backup window, due to size and internet upload speed.

This means internet is slow for ordinary users during the following day

I see one forum suggestion to use trickle.  However that would delay the backup even further (which might be ok, since incrementals will catch up in a couple of days time)

We'd prefer for full backups to run only on the weekend, when they can run for up to 48 hours without troubling anyone.

The cron.daily (or any other cron) happily kicks off tklbam at the right time.  However it doesn't know whether tklbam has reached it's --full-backup frequency.

I can't see any other relevant option.  Something like --full-backup-dow = Fri, Sat

ie if it's not Fri or Sat just do another incremental instead until Fri rolls around.

The only workaround I can think of is a script in cron for tklbam-backup --simulate, grep the log file for full or not, then check dow, and don't kick off not correct day.

Another possible, cron tklbam-backup --full-backup now     set for a Friday, then normal the rest of the daily time, which would always be incrementals, since the full was forced one a month or so.

Any other suggestions?

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Firstly, thanks for your feedback! :)

IMO your last suggestion is the one. E.g. create a new cron job to run a full backup first Friday of the month (for example). That should ensure that the full backup runs on a weekend and all other backups are incremental.

PS I assume it will work as we've discussed, but it'd be great if you can post back to let us know how it goes.

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