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I was hoping to try out LXC containers for the first time with some Turnkey appliances.
But I ran into an issue.
I can't create the bridged WordPress container, as described in the docs.

My system:
A fresh Ubuntu 16.04-64 install, with VirtualBox Version 5.0.20 r106931.
I grabbed the TurnKey LXC LinuX Containers virtual machine, v14.1, writable VMDK.
And I fired it up in VirtualBox.  It seem to work fine.
The VM has internet connectivity.  Ping, wget, and Debian updates all work fine.

Following the "Usage documentation" on GitHub, I tried to create a bridged WordPress container:
(I changed the name from "wp1" in the example, to "wp1_bridged", for the network connection type)

lxc-create -n wp1_bridged -f /etc/lxc/bridged.conf -t turnkey -- wordpress -i /root/inithooks.conf

That failed.
First, it failed because the current version of the LXC VM has no file, /root/inithooks.conf .
There's only /root/inithooks.conf.example .
So, I copied that to /root/inithooks.conf .
Then lxc-create got a little farther.

Now it fails with:

INFO [lxc-turnke]: downloading appliance image...
/var/cache/lxc/turnkey/debian-8-turnkey-/etc/lxc/bridged.conf_14.0-1_amd64.tar.gz.tmp: No such file or directory
FATAL [lxc-turnkey]: failed to download 'debian-8-turnkey-/etc/lxc/bridged.conf_14.0-1_amd64.tar.gz.tmp'
FATAL [lxc-turnkey]: failed to install turnkey /etc/lxc/bridged.conf
lxc_container: container creation template for wp1_bridged failed
lxc_container: Error creating container wp1_bridged

So, what's a Turnkey LXC n00b to do?
That ".../debian-8-turnkey-/..." looks like a bogus path name to me.
But, what should it be?  And where do I go to correct it?

Is this a known issue?  Is there a workaround?  (Does the Usage info need to be updated?)

Oh, it looks like this was identified in:
But the pathnames I'm seeing are slightly different.

Looking forward to seeing a resolution or workaround.

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Please see

To workaround you need to explicitly set the version to the current (v14.1) release of TurnKey (it defaults to v14.0 which has been removed from the mirror). E.g. to launch a WordPress appliance called "wp1":

lxc-create -n wp1_bridged -f /etc/lxc/bridged.conf -t turnkey -- wordpress -i /root/inithooks.conf -v 14.1-jessie

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