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Can I just confirm I have this correct:


Using a non-turnkey, generic Debian installation.

To do this, I just add the following two lines to etc/tklbam/overrides:



And that's it? All that will be backed up is my database?


On a side note, does it matter if I edit the overrides file before I run the first 




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I've been flat out working on other stuff behind the scenes and have been neglecting the forums of late.

TBH with you I'm not 100% sure. I actually use TKLBAM on my (Debian) desktop but I set it up that long ago that i don't recall the specifics of what I did.

However, in theory it should be fairly straight forward. Your suggested override should be fine assuming that you only want to back up your DB.

If you are interested in developing your own custom profile then you may find the tklbam-profile readme useful? Also FWIW here is the Core profile which all other TurnKey profiles inherit from.

Regarding your final question, in theory it should be ok, but I would recommend that you re-run (i.e. force) a full backup after you adjust your config (i.e. overrides, profile, etc). Assuming that you haven't done a full backup within the last 24 hours you can do that like this:

tklbam-backup --full-backup 1D

Also if you want to double check what is going into your backup, you can use the '--simulate' switch to dump all the backup files into /TKLBAM (without uploading them). You may find more useful info in the docs?

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Feedback very much appreciated. Thanks very much.

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